YAOX focuses on building media based attraction and experience space in a. Service range covers from theme parks, scenic areas, mixed uses to exhibits;Work scope includes feasibility study, planning, design, system integration and production.
Crayon Yao Founder
Mr. Crayon Yao has been the creative director of the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. His deep understanding of Chinese culture helped him to realize the concept and display design and to create the 100 meter long „Along the River during Qingming Festival“ among other displays.
Parallell Mr Crayon Yao designed the Taiwan Pavilion. China and Taiwan Pavilion were the best received Pavilions of the World Expo. Both were designed by Crayon Yao. Not to mention that the Expo was based in Shanghai and that Mr. Yao is Taiwanese. This shows the huge reputation of Mr. Crayon Yao.
Another project was the Shaanxi East Valley of the Kings Theme Park were he did concept design, theme development, storyline, schematic design etc. The signature attractions of this theme park evolve around the history of the Qin Han and Tang dynasties.
Crayon also directed a lot of 4D movies, including: “A city of Cathay”, “Mission Underground”, “Time and Space”, “Ilha Formosan”, “Dog & Bugs”, “Dino Circus”, “Na Ram”, “U-Boat”, “Paper Plane”, “Time & Life”, “Dog Sailor”, “Hiway Hockey”, “Hero Dog” and “Century of Flight”.

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