YAOX focuses on building media based attraction and experience space in a. Service range covers from theme parks, scenic areas, mixed uses to exhibits;Work scope includes feasibility study, planning, design, system integration and production.
Jill Wu President
Jill Wu, current President of YAOX also served as Team Head of Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) NextGen Asia Pacific Region, utilizing her connections and resources to facilitate next generation talent training program. Jill Wu has worked as the chief producer of the Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo in 2010. She was responsible for software and hardware system integration, operation s and public relation. Under her leadership the Taiwan Pavilion turned out to be one of the landmarks on the expo grounds. The pavilion was selected as one of the most attractive spot by Japanese media back in 2010. Jill Wu has approximately four decades of TV and cinema commercial production experience, she was one of the first in Grater China to introduce directors and film teams from the US and Europe to the Asian market. Moreover, she is the merchandise authorization representative of different Hollywood movie companies in Taiwan. Jill Wu cooperated with industry leaders from Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios Japan, 20th Century FOX to foster the development of themed entertainment industry in Asia during her service as board of directors in TEA AP since 2013.

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