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Release Date:2019-09-12
The Top Masters Of Immersive Entertainment Gathered In Shanghai For The First Time. Gave An Excellent Speech By Breaking Through The View Of International Tourism With New Ideas!

The Top Masters Of Immersive Entertainment Gathered In Shanghai For The First Time.  Gave An Excellent Speech By Breaking Through The View Of International Tourism With New Ideas!

   “2019 9th China Tourism Project Investment Conference and the 2nd China Night Tour Summit“ hosted at the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel on 5th September.  The organizer ITIA unveiled the event by a speech from the Rotating President Mr. Xu Yin, who is also the Senior Vice President of Hengdian Group.  Mr. Qi Wang, the General Secretary, also gave his speech to kickoff.  There are many leaders from the international industrial join the conference in person and exchanged their opinions about the current status and trends of the world's innovative media art and creativity, such as Mr. Dominic Audet – Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Moment Factory, Mr. Seiichi Saito - Principal of Rhizomatiks, Mr. Ryotaro Muramatsu – Founder and CEO of NAKED Inc., Ms. Roberta Perry - Business Development Vice President of ETI, Mr. Ron Martin – Senior Executive President of Panasonic Hollywood Lab, and Ms. Jill Wu – President of YAOX.

  The international speeches part was leaded and hosted by Ms. Jill Wu and began with the first speaker, Mr. Dominic Audet.  He shared the works by Moment Factory who did many famous media art works around the world.  There were over 14 cases shared during his speech, including: Rainforest Lumina (Singapore), Foresta Lumina (Canada), Kamuy Lumina (Japan), Illuminations: Human/Nature (Canada), Immersive Media Show at Cipriani 25 Broadway (US), AURA (Canada).

  Mr. Seiichi Saito gave his speech from the view of serving as the Vice President of Good Design Award, the Creative Advisor of 2020 Dubai Expo, the member of 2025 Osaka Expo Development Committee.   He shared the well-known work by Rhizomatiks – 2016 Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony, which triggered the hottest discussion at that time, about the process and experience of design and production.

  Mr. Ryotaro Muramatsu shared the works by Naked Inc., who is under his leadership, deeply and exquisitely.  He did these works though themed core, such as flower, ocean, and city.  There are many beautiful works by Naked at the art events/aquariums/observation decks/world heritage sites in Japan/China/Hong Kong/Taiwan,  including: CITY LIGHT FANTASIA By NAKED, OCEAN BY NAKED, and TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED.

  Ms. Roberta Perry, Mr. Ron Martin, and Ms. Jill Wu co-chaired the panel discussion part.  They discussed about the retail store entertainment experience in Disneyland, the new opening “Star Wars: Galaxy‘s Edge“ in Disneyland, the Coca-Cola and the World Whale Day shows cases at the Times Square in New York.  In addition, they explored the topic about how the entertainment experience design and technology work together with strategic alliance teamwork and how to co-create a win-win situation and build up an industrial eco-system.  The panel discussion made a perfect ending for this event.

  We would like to thank Mr. Masa Nagaoka, who is the Division Vice President of Panasonic, and his team in particular.  The event was hosted so much fantastic with his great support to invite all the masters gathered in Shanghai and brought the most exquisite speech ever.  We look forward to working together to create a top industrial resources eco-system and bring the most powerful and exciting world-class works and experience services to the world.


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